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We have a DevOps approach to network management.  Our measurement for success is how much we automate ourselves out of a job.  It is our way to deal with scale and complexity.  We think that there are far more exciting problems to solve when this happens. 

With so many automation and orchestration platforms currently in the market, we believe that there needs to be a tight integration between the pieces.  No one off-the-shelf tool will ever be the answer to all problems.  This is where we at Networtix come in.  We take advantage of existing platforms wherever possible and develop and maintain our own platforms to address the shortcomings wherever needed.  We are a capable team. 

We adhere to the closed loop automation and infrastructure as code paradigms.  Our tools:

  1. Collect data and analytics from the network to create a consistent current state of the infrastructure

  2. Compare this state with a desired state

  3. Create configurations to move from the current state to the desired state

  4. Apply the configurations to the infrastructure

  5. Monitor the efficiency of the changes and create new desired states

  6. Tirelessly repeat steps 1 through 5

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